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Rise Coalition

Current Members Include

Fundación Karisma

Instituto Vero

Why you should join

Here are some of the things you will be able to enjoy when you become a global member today:


With our community

Through the Rise Coalition your organisation is able to connect to a community of civil society organisations working on the same issues across the globe. It is an opportunity to share learnings about new threats to human rights and civic space due to ‘security’ measures – both online and offline – and create collaborative strategies for addressing them. Through our network you have access to expert insights and curated information about the most recent events in security and human rights. Together, we demand objective, evidence-based, rights-respecting approaches when governments say they are acting to prevent violence. We advocate for international institutions and organisations to listen to civil society when creating recommendations, funding programs, resolutions or other initiatives on ‘security’. We propose legal and policy changes to create better respect for international human rights laws in the ‘security’ context. 

Get involved

Via curated events

The Rise Coalition organises regular webinars and trainings which will cover the most pressing issues faced by our members across the globe. These events provide an opportunity for shared learning and voice amplification for our members, who are offered a space to present case studies, strategies, and challenges. As a key challenge of Rise is to make sure small and grassroots organisations in the Global South are contemplated in the discussions, the Rise Coalition webinars and trainings.


Your knowledge network

The Rise Coalition provides an opportunity for civil society organisations from across the globe to work together to identify, research and advocate for the end of security-related human rights abuses, especially those that exacerbate broader racial, ethnic, gender and other inequalities. We map new problematic trends in security laws and programmes worldwide, including the use of harmful technology and harmful collaborations between governments.